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Junky Chicken

September 14, 2009

Gertrude forbirghtonhndmdeblog

All kinds of unique and useful gifts, all made from pre-loved and recycled materials. Everything from doorstops and paperweights to envelopes, pin cushions, paper beads and more.


Joe Hurry Creations

September 14, 2009


All manner of objects and things made from recycled materials. Everything from circuitboard sculptures to cards featuring original illustrations by Joe.

Kerrie Curzon Creations

September 6, 2009



Kerrie is an experienced pattern cutter and dressmaker who will be selling underwear, handmade to look good and feel comfortable. Ethical issues are central to the making – organic, fair trade, and recycled fabrics are often used. Other ready-to-wear items will also be available; badges, legwarmers, snoods and more.