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September 6, 2009


Feast your eyes on the Lilliputian loveliness of these miniscule morsels.

Fresh from the itsy bitsy bakeries of mini patisserie, these tiny treats will delight titchy tart aficionados and novices alike.

So whether you’re after a diminutive donut or a capaciously challenged cupcake, look no further.


Annetta Norris

September 5, 2009

button work

Having graduated in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth college of arts in 2007, Annetta has been working as a studio assistant for various artists including a ceramicist and a jeweller. “I was left a great aunts sewing box and have had a fascination with buttons since. Plastic toys, charms, basically anything miniature I love and always think could this go on a necklace or bracelet?” Her jewellery is an eclectic mix of miniatures, buttons, charms and pretty beads. All put together to create these explosions of wearable fun and colour.

Cat and Bang

September 4, 2009